C’est quoi The Frenchies ?

Bienvenue et bonjour tout le monde !

Created in 2010, The Frenchies is the biggest Francophile community in the USA, with its French meetup family  of roughly 15,000 members.

We are lovers of French language, French culture, customs, traditions as well as its history and diversity. Wether we are French expats, Francophones or Francophiles, we share a spirit of tolerance. If we could not build anything at all, we would still try to build bridges, not walls.  We are “The Frenchies” : we promote writers, artists, philosophers and food lovers. Most of our members are French, Canadian, North and West African, Haitian, Swiss, Belgium and of course American people who like a refreshing thing in French once in a while.

We organize several events a week :

  • French Mondays midtown Manhattan to meet and greet, improve our French conversation skils, and make new connections.
  • Museum Tours in French, mostly at The Metropolitan : “French-with-Art with Anna” invites you to a series of highly engaging interactive and guided art discussion at the MET.
  • Wednesdays, we have a weekly French FREE workshop, organized by Ruth.
  • Les Jeudis Français in Brooklyn with Apero style and Bistro food  in a French-owned lounge East of Williamsburg (Bushwick), hosted by Vanessa, from Nice.
  • Once a month, Yara likes to have a special French Moroccan evening with belly dancers, happy hour specials, hookahs etc.
  • Weekends, we meet in great night life venues such as SkyRoom, Cellar Bar, Empire Roof Top with free admission for our members, with Yara and Chris.


Note : Although the official language is French, you do NOT need to speak French to be a member, we will just ask you to be patient with our accent if we try to communicate. Each event has a theme and ideas are welcome.

— Jean-Philippe Rebuffet, Vicomte de la Gallais, aka Siris Amsterdam


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